zondag 11 augustus 2013


I did another workshop, I made a puzzle of a photograph. Placed the puzzle picture on a photograph of a table.
Looks very realistic doesn't it? I learn a lot about photoshop techniques and it is also fun!


Last Thursday my computer crashed! I got a blue screen and whatever I tried, it didn't come to life. My computer was rather new, from November last year so I still got warrenty. Hopefully I get him back next Tuesday. Luckily I have an old computer, not as fast and it misses all of my scrapstuff but it works! I decided to try some workshops I saw in Photoshop magazine and here is the result of one. In the magazine it looks more beautiful so I think I must have done something wrong, but as you don't know what it has to look like....

woensdag 7 augustus 2013


Lately I didn't feel like blogging. There are many reasons, but none of them is really an excuse, lol. We have been very busy with our upcoming renovation of our house. We had to buy a new kitchen and bathroom, I never realized that this would be so difficult. It will be a choice for at least twenty years! But I think we did well. They will start a week from now, so exciting.
We also went away for two weeks to Tuscany, Italy. We rented an appartment in a little place called Limité sull Arno. We had lovely weather and we visited cities like Florence, Pisa and Siena.We had a great time.
And now, back to normal, working again and of course scrapping again! I started with Allstar digital scrapbooking techniques at Scrapaneers.com, 8 videolessons including some starting material. I just did lesson one, techniques with gradients, and I love it. In this page I used a gradient as a clipping mask, never thought of doing that, it works great!

Materials I used are by Kokon Scrap-Art, Red Ivy Designs, Rucola Designs, Tangie Baxter, Alexis Designs, Aylin Designs, Yaya and Ptite Souris.