zondag 28 september 2014

Old doors

I love to get up early on Sunday mornings, start my computer and scrap. Nobody is disturbing me.
Today I have another reason to scrap early; the weather is outstanding beautiful for the time of year so we want to go for a long walk this afternoon and end up on a terrace with a lovely glass of white wine. Probably it will be the last weekend this is possible. So enjoy!

The layout I made this morning is made with the kit Changing lives by Kathryn Estry. The photo I used is taken in Portugal last vacation. It is an old door. I love old doors! Wherever I go on holiday I'm always looking for old doors to photograph.

zondag 21 september 2014

Rhonda's homeschooling

As you all may know I'm a CT member of Kathryn Estry. One of the latest kits Kathryn made is Rhonda's Homeschooling. Named after another CT-member: Rhonda.
It is a lovely kit packed with all kind of school accessories. But there are a lot of other elements in this kit which can be used with other photos.

I made this page and used an old schoolpicture of myself when I was only 5 years old (that's ages ago, LOL)

My mam

I promised myself to blog more often, but I didn't keep that promise. The main reason is my mother. My mother was feeling sick when she came home from her holiday in August 2013. She went to the doctor's and many medical examiniations followed. In November they found out she had a malignant tumor near her lungs. A period of radiation started.
Unfortunately the radiation did not help, she got sicker and sicker, and August 11 she passed away. I was so sad but also relieved, her suffering was over.

It was a sad period but it also brought some good, we never had so many and intens conversations before. Rest in peace sweet mam!