zondag 6 december 2015

Kristmess Cardinals

Did I told you before that I love birds? I think they are such lovely creatures! In winter I always have food for them in my garden. I love watching them.

In the store of Kristmess designs at GottaPixel you can find the wonderful kit Kristmess Cardinals. A great kit for all your Christmas photos.

Cardinals are such cute birds. Unfortunately we don't have them overhere in Europe. As we want to see them we have to go to the Zoo. These pictures were taken in the Zoo at Washington DC.

zaterdag 28 november 2015

Just playing

Black Friday, time to buy scrapstuff you never would buy when it wasn't on a discount. I love the stuff of Anna Aspnes but I think it is way to expensive.
Bought the Artplay palette Friends yesterday. This is what I made with it.

donderdag 19 november 2015


Kristmess made this wonderful minikit called "Vicious Vikings" This kit is available at My Memories and at GottaPixel. It is a perfect kit for your all your boys photos. I used some photos I made at the sandsculptures festival in Winterswijk in 2012.

zaterdag 14 november 2015

New avatar

Besides digital scrapbooking I also like to make tutorials written for Photoshop. I made a mosaic of a portrait of myself and used colorblocking. I combined the two hobbies into a new avatar! Looks really nice if I say so myself.
The scrapbooking stuff I used are from different kits by Kathryn Estry.

zondag 8 november 2015

Mask challenge

It is already November and I haven't blogged for a while. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. I love this time of year! Time for all those hobbies of mine that take place within the house. Scrapping, DIY, sewing, reading. So also more time for blogging.

Today I made a scrap for the Mask challenge at Gotta Pixel. I used several kits: September Daze page kit and Marigold Place, both by Kathryn Estry. Autumn tones by Kristmess. The mask is by Indigo Designs.Love these fall colors!

woensdag 19 augustus 2015


Berna Datema has this mega economypack called We travel. Ideal for Art journal pages but you can also use it to scrap all your travel photos the traditional way. So much possibilities. For my first page I found this wonderful quote : "Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer" So true!

Off to make another page.....

zaterdag 8 augustus 2015


Love the new GGI bundle by Kathryn Estry! It is called Wheels!

About this kit Kathryn says:
"How fun it's been making this collection for you! It's got something for everyone who's ever driven, for the new driver, to celebrate your new car, or for everyone who loves cars, trucks, and anything else with wheels! Scrap photos for dads and granddads, new teen drivers, and even kids in motorized toy cars!"

Love the colors in this bundle, so bright and colorful, it makes me happy. It also came out at the right time, because we just got our brand new car! For this layout I also used a template by Kathryn Estry, Curve templates 1. A set of 4 wonderful templates!

This is a "golden oldie" The photos are taken in a museum 8 years ago! Love to drive a new and modern car, but really love to look at oldtimers.

vrijdag 7 augustus 2015

New car!

Last May my husband and I bought a new car. The car we wanted, Mazda 3-GTM in the color red wasn't available anywhere, so it has to come all the way from Japan. Finally after three months we could get the car! Isn't it a beauty!

donderdag 6 augustus 2015


Didn't blog for a few weeks; I was on holiday. The only thing I take with me is my I-pad for playing a game and surfing on the internet looking for interesting places in the neighbourhood. I don't scrap, I do not visit forums and I don't blog.

But I'm back again and back to business.

Kristmess has this wonderful minikit called Small world United Kingdom. There is also a matching alpha and shabby papers. England is one of my favorite countries to visit. I've been there several times so I have tons of "UK" photos. I love this minikit and made three pages already.

donderdag 16 juli 2015

Frog lake

This kit by Kathryn Estry is sooooo cute! It is called Frog Lake. Not only is this a super cute frog collection, you can scrap any fun summer photos with it, and use the word art to show you can stand out in a crowd. Just made one page, but I'm off to make another one!

zondag 12 juli 2015

Ferris Wheel

I made another page with All the fun of the fair by Kristmess it is such a fun kit. For those who can't reed the text:

I am afraid of heights, but always when I see a Ferris Wheel I have to go in. Can you imagine that I would miss the wonderful view from above! I don't look down, always keep my sight on the horizon, not to forget to hold on to a safetybar or something else I can squeeze in when things are getting to me. Am I stupid or what!

At the Spa

For the GGI (Got to grab it) at Gotta Pixel Kathryn Estry made At the Spa. This pretty collection is all about relaxing and pampering yourself. Whether you go to a spa, get your nails done, or just enjoy your home retreat, At the Spa is a great collection for scrapping those relaxing girl times. The bundle (8 different packs) is only $8. There are also three additional packs for $1.25 each. Isn't that cool!

I made two pages, but you can use this kit endlessly!

zaterdag 11 juli 2015

All the fun of the fair

It is GGI (Got to grab it) at Gotta Pixel again! Kristmess has this joyfull kit All the fun of the fair. This is a fun collection great for photos from state and county fairs, circus, themeparks and other amusements and lots more! There are six different packs and they are only $1 each for a limited time.

This is my layout, photos are taken 13 years ago at the Groninger fair, never thought I would use them, LOL.

donderdag 9 juli 2015

Parc Güell - Gaudi

Have you ever been to Barcelona? I have! I love Barcelona, it is a wonderful city, the climate is lovely and as a lover of culture it is a treat! All my life I have been an admirer of the famous architect Gaudi. He created the most fabulous buildings of which you can find many in Barcelona. But did you know he also designed a parc? The parc is called Güell, to the man who assigned Gaudi to design this huge garden.

I made this page for Kathryn Estry, using Sprinkles of sunshine. the template I used is by Dear friends Design.

maandag 15 juni 2015

Putting it all together

For the "putting it all together" challenge at Gotta Pixel I made this flowery page using April Daze page kit. It is like a template challenge, the difference is that you can use all the different Png files in every place you like.

Here is the template (by Luv Ewe Designs).

And this is what I made of it:

zondag 14 juni 2015

In a Cuckoo House

Kathryn Estry also made a wonderful kit for the GGI at Gotta Pixel this month. It is called In a Cuckoo House. This is what Kathryn writes about this kit: "Does your home life sometimes fall in the cuckoo category? Scrap all those crazy fun family photos with In a Cuckoo House! It's a rare treat to get to laught at yourself, and your family will love the pages you make with this collection!"

The page I made with it has nothing to do with a Cuckoo House, so I prove that this kit can be used for all kinds of photos. Colors are so bright and sunny, perfect for all your summer photos.

zaterdag 13 juni 2015


Love this new kit by Kristmess Designs, it is called Scieinstein and is available at Gotta Pixel. It is for the GGI this month, so every pack is only $1. This collection is a super fun collection great for all sorts of fun pages and not just about science! It's full of wonderful and unique elements in a bright and jazzy colour scheme!

These are the two pages I made with it.

Kristmess made also a matching alpha, this alphabet contains all the elements of the periodic table + each individual letter which do not exist as part of the periodic table. So creative, I would never have thought of that!

dinsdag 9 juni 2015

Love you dad!

With Fathersday coming up there is this wonderful kit by Kathryn Estry called Love you dad! This kit is available at Gotta Pixel, Ginger Scraps and my Memories. Loaded with masculine appeal, this collection is perfect for scrapping all the men in your life! My father died in 1994, almost 21 years ago. I don't have many photos of my father. Most of them are taken during my early childhood. I have wonderful memories of my childhood, it couldn't have been any better. Thank you dad, you are for always in my heart.

donderdag 4 juni 2015

One Hundred and Eighty!

Kristmess Designs has a new kit, especially for Pixelclub members at Gotta Pixel. It is called One hundred and Eighty! Let's play dart.
A few years ago I had a party from work. One of the games we could play was darts. One of my bosses was in my team. He is more of a sporty guy, darts is not his cup of tea. When he thought no one was watching he took the darts and placed them all three in the bullseye. And you think we believe that?

dinsdag 2 juni 2015


A new month, new challenges! The first challenges I always make are those using templates. Just choose your photos, the right kit and you are ready in no time. For the template challenge at Gotta Pixel I made this page using Rhapsody in blue by Alessandra Designs. The template is by Lindsay Jane. This photo is taken at the Butterfly garden in the Zoo of Emmen. Love to go there!

maandag 1 juni 2015

Beautiful you!

Made a little piece of art, using so many several kits that I lost track of things I used. So I'm sorry, no credits are given.

Just want to say : I love you!

donderdag 28 mei 2015

Popquiz challenge

Every month Kathryn Estry hosts the Poquiz Challenge at Ginger Scraps. I love this challenge! Every month she asks 7 questions which you have to answer in the challenge forum. Depending on you answers you get instructions what to scrap. This month was a real challenge. You had to scrap just the opposite way you gave your answers.

Are you scrapping fast or slow. If you answer slow, you have to scrap fast and the other way around. So I had to make a layout as fast as I could, I had to use crayon colors, it had to be a cute page and I had to use a new technique. Use several photos and 7 papers.

Wel this is my attempt. The new technique was creating an alpha, using different papers. I also made the flowers and leaves myself using shapes. The kit I used was Kindergarten kisses by Kathryn Estry. The only kit with crayon colors I have, LOL.

By the way, I used three photos of my cousin and my little nephew Mirii. I used these photos because they happened to whear crayon color clothes. Don't they match perfectly with the kit I used?

woensdag 20 mei 2015

What the flick!

I think I mentioned it before but I love challenges! Today I made a page for the "What the flick" challenge hosted by Kristmess Designs at Gotta Pixel. She gave us a picture of a poster and asked to create a layout inspired by this poster.

Well I was inspired by the words. I made my layout with "The wild side" by Kristmess Designs. I used the word "spring" and translated is in several languages. Quite a job because I had to create every word letter by letter from the alpha matching this kit.

maandag 18 mei 2015

VAMAC Hoteltrip

Every year with Ascensionday we go for four days on a hoteltrip with the VAMAC motorclub. Destination this year was Lippoldshausen, a little village in the "Weserbergland" in Germany. It is very hilly overthere and that is just wat bikers like! Our group consisted of 19 bikes and 21 people.

Only on the Saturday we a had a little bit of rain. The other days we had perfect weather. Warm enough for sitting on a terrace and not to warm for driving.
We had a lovely time!

This year was the 24th time so next year we have a jubilee. All have to think about what we can do to make that trip more special. Any ideas, anybody?

This photo was taken before we left!

woensdag 13 mei 2015


In 2011 I started as a CTM for Alessandra Designs. The most shops she selled at were closed lately. I'm so very happy for her that she now sells at Gotta Pixel too! One of the kits of Alessandra I love most is Luxurious

Luxurious is a charming kit with beautiful papers. When you buy the bundle you also get some wonderful glitterstyles and two quickpages.

For this white space page I extracted a statue of a balletdancing girl.

The wild side

I'm proud to tell you that I am part of the creative team of Kristmess Designs! It is a wonderful team and some of the members I already knew from the creative team of Kathryn Estry. Kristmess also makes wonderful kits.

Her last kit, GGI at Gotta Pixel this month, is called The wilde side. I love the watercolors in this kit! I even used it to redesign my blog! Made two pages but I'm sure I will use this kit over and over!

maandag 11 mei 2015

Climbing rocks

Kathryn Estry has such a cute kit for GGI at Gotta Pixel! It is called Climbing rocks, great for adults, teens, and kids, too! Climbing ROCKS! is for those who love outdoor adventures! There are 8 different packs all $1 each during GGI so grab it while you can.

I had some wonderful photos to go with this kit. They were taken by my husband some years ago when he was on an adventure trip to the Belgian Ardennen with his colleagues. I was so glad that I wasn't there because this is absolutely nothing for me! I'm so afraid of heights!