zaterdag 8 augustus 2015


Love the new GGI bundle by Kathryn Estry! It is called Wheels!

About this kit Kathryn says:
"How fun it's been making this collection for you! It's got something for everyone who's ever driven, for the new driver, to celebrate your new car, or for everyone who loves cars, trucks, and anything else with wheels! Scrap photos for dads and granddads, new teen drivers, and even kids in motorized toy cars!"

Love the colors in this bundle, so bright and colorful, it makes me happy. It also came out at the right time, because we just got our brand new car! For this layout I also used a template by Kathryn Estry, Curve templates 1. A set of 4 wonderful templates!

This is a "golden oldie" The photos are taken in a museum 8 years ago! Love to drive a new and modern car, but really love to look at oldtimers.

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