maandag 27 mei 2013


Wow, I didn't realize it but it has been a while ago that I blogged. I really don't know why, I just was busy with other things and I forgot.
We have big plans for a renovation of our house. Our garage and scullery will be pulled down. On the same place we are going to build a new bathroom, bedroom and a new scullery. At the same time we will build a new garage in the backyard. When this all is finished we will get a new kitchen. It will be a mess the coming time but I'm thrilled when I think about it when it's finished. I will keep you informed!

The subject of this blogmessage is Kaleidoscope. It is the name of a brandnew kit by Alessandra Designs. Available at A cherry on top and Digitals.
Alessandra is a wonderful designer, she never uses CU-stuff, everything in her kits is made by herself.

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