zaterdag 11 januari 2014


I started the year not very well. Last Sundaynight I woke up and turned around in my bed. It was such a strange feeling to be dizzy! It even happened twice that night. When I woke up in the morning I didn't think about it anymore, but after I showered and I wanted to dress myself, I suddenly fell down. Luckily I didn't hurt myself. Called work that I was ill and called the doctor for an appointment.
I felt quite well but at moments I looked up or down I got dizzy again. I'm very glad that it is not serious, I only have a disturbed vestibular, caused by to much earwax! The doctor gave me some pills against my dizzyness and I have to get rid of the earwax. I'm still a bit woozy but it is getting better every day now. There is a positive side: lots of time to scrap :-)

Made this page for the lift it up challenge at Gottapixel. Used the kit This will be by Jen C Designs.

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