woensdag 21 juni 2017

Doin' Science

Every third Tuesday every month it is Pickle Barrel time! One colorscheme and almost every designer at Pickleberrypop comes with lovely collections. For a limited time it has a very sharp price, only $1 per pack! This month the colorscheme is just gorgeous. Kathryn Estry came up with a science collection.
Kathryn says:

"Everyone with kids knows that they love "doin' science." For most that means experiments. I've made this adorable page kit for you to use to scrap those great teachable moments, your child's science fair, school projects, exploring nature, doing kitchen experiments, etc. Besides being packed with science stuff, you'll find 4 kids in this collection: Harry and Hermione are in the main Element Pack, and Albert and Marie are two of my Extra Elements. Have fun with your child, take photos, and scrap those awesome memories with Doin' Science!"

As I have no kids and no science photos I used one of the Word Arts of this wonderful collection.

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