zondag 3 september 2017

September daze

The last few weeks were not easy. On August 13 we got a telephone call that my father in law was found on the floor of his diningroom. They had brought him to hospital.
He was not addressable and he had a pneumonia. After treatment he was still not addressable. The expactation was that his situation would not change.
We had to make this difficult dicision to stop treatment and to focus on comfort. August 25 my father in law passed away at the age of 93. Rest in piece dear dad, I love you with all my heart.

My father in law was the last living parent. He has his own appartment a two hours drive from where we live. The house has to be cleared, cleaned and sold, so busy times are ahead.

In the meantime I wasn't able to scrap, I had no time but I also didn't feel like it. But today I started again with a challenge at Gingerscraps. A wonderful template by Dagi's temp-tations and September Daze by Kristmess Designs.

I scapped the wonderful walk we made on August 13. The same day as we got this awful telephone call, it started as a perfect Sunday......

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